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It is true that texting games takes away the pressure you’ve had during the day. And for those who are involved in long distant relationships, these fun texting games can really help to spice up your relationship.

You can pick any game out of these, and be sure to increase the romance your partner has for you.

Game 1: Would you rather… You can start off with this safe one and slowly build up the tension. You can start by asking tame questions and then get right into deep ones. For instance, “would you rather see a movie or have a date in the restaurant.” It’s alright to drift into deeper questions so long as you know what your intent is.


Game 2: Texting and creating stories: This one can help you know if your partner wants to go further with you. You start a sentence and leave it halfway for your partner to complete it. And when s/he replies, you also add it up and let it go on and on. This is a fun one and if you want to go deeper, you can add whatever you want to see if your partner is interested too.

Game 3: Role play. This is also safe and fun, if played right, you could arouse your partner. Start off by telling your partner you have a story to tell, then she has to complete it. Tell your own story first so your date can realize what you’re up to within a text or two. But remember not to use your name. For instance,


You: “A girl met a boy last week at a night club

Your date: “…and the boy said he likes the girl

You: the girl liked the boy a lot too. She’s actually missing the boy right now and is wondering when she could get to spend more time with him.

Your date: “Well, the boy’s wishing the girl could be with him right now…


You get the drift yeah? If you play your cards right, you can actually get something that night.

Game 4: Texting truth or dare. This game is a very fun game that couples could use to bring out their innermost contemplation. You can play it as a couple or with others. But in this case, text each other a question or dare and respond by acting or answering the question.


You could send pictures for proof that you’re doing the dare, but remember to delete the pictures once you’re done. Lol.:

Game 5: The confession game. This one is also fun. One of you takes a turn to pick a topic, while the other confesses a secret about it. It is fun when you and your partner are open minded about stuffs you say. It can make you both understand each other very much and increase the romance in both of you.

So there you have it. You no longer have to worry about not being with your partner. These fun and romantic games can be good for seasoned couples who are missing each other. Try them out!

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