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There are unsolved mysteries around the world which science has not been able to find solution to. Below are five unsolved mysteries by science.

Movile Cave

Movile Cave is located in Romania. Scientists have found a 5.5 million years old cave which was undisturbed by humans. The cave has a lake inside and the air around the lake is filled with toxic gases which contains Sulphuric acid and, the atmosphere around the lake consists of 100 times of Carbon dioxide.


Researchers have found that the whole ecosystem has survived well and they have found 33 species which was not found outside the cave and they have adapted very well to the Sulphuric acid atmosphere.

Devil’s Kettle


Devil’s Kettle is located in Minnesota, US. It has a pothole and no one knows where the other side of the water in the waterfall goes. Scientists have used logs, colored chemicals and ping pong balls to identify the flow of water but it’s completely unsuccessful and, still it remains as a unsolved mystery.

Circles of Namibia

The barren circles found on the land of Namibia are about 10 to 65 in diameter and their ecosystem is very complex. The locals near the place say that those are the footprints left by god.

Biologists have found that the plants on this particular land compete with each other for water and have found that the water resources in & around these areas are insufficient for more plants to grow.


Also they have Identified a series of termite colonies have occupied the barren circles where they live and fight for food and protect their territory. If one colony encroaches the other, then they fight and start destroying other colonies. Even now the research is going on to find other hypothesis about the circles.

Hessdalen Lights Norway


During the year end of 1981 & 1984 people around Hessdalen valley reported that they have seen a strange and unusual lights in the night sky. From then on researchers have started to document about the unusual lights but still they haven’t found a satisfactory conclusion.

The hum of Taos

In the early 1990’s the residents of Mexico reported that they hear strange sounds like constant humming which was very disturbing and couldn’t identify where it is from. And for the past 20 years various investigations and researches were being going on in the town of Mexico, but still they haven’t been successful to identify, what is the cause for the humming sound heard by the residents.

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