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Some top American stars



Over recent years, American celebrities and people of great influence have had to trace their roots to Africa in the bid to ascertain their true identities.



With the advancement in technology, DNA testing has greatly improved to make such people know exactly where their ancestors originated from.


Below are therefore seven American celebrities and big personalities who traced their African ancestries:

1. LeVar Burton (Nigeria)


He is an all-round creative person; an American actor, director, producer, presenter and author. He played the role of Kunta Kinte and won an award for the act. He traced his root to the Hausa people of Nigeria.



2. Chris Rock (Cameroon)

A big American comedian and one of the most successful in that creative industry, he was able to trace his ancestry to the Udeme people who are from northern Cameroon.


3. Whoopi Goldberg (Guinea-Bissau)


Her DNA test revealed that her ancestors are from the Papel and Bayote people of Guinea-Bissau. She, however, could not go home because of her fear of flying.



4. Anthony Anderson (Cameroon)

Anthony, a top American comedian, discovered his root is from the Bubu people of Bioko island and Tikar and the Hausa and Fulani people of Cameroon.


5. Oprah Winfrey (Liberia, Cameroon, Zambia)

Oprah’s DNA test showed that her ancestors originated in different African countries. The popular TV show host is connected to Kpelle people of Liberia, Bantu people in Zambia, and Bamileke people of Cameroon.


6. Bishop TD Jakes (Nigeria)

The popular clergyman was another person who traced his root to Nigeria. He is a descendent of the Igbo people. He is the bishop of The Potter’s House church.


7. Michael K Williams (Sierra Leone)

A popular American actor, his DNA result linked him with the Mende tribe of Sierra Leone. His mother is from the Bahamas.




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