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A Professor of microbiology and Covid-19 cure claimant, Ayodele Isreal Adeleye, has stated that the procedures set out by federal government, for submission and verification of herbal drugs for treatment of patients down with the pandemic are unnecessary.

He said they were too long to follow on emergency situation that required urgent intervention to save lives.

The Kaduna-based cure claimant, who majors in parasitology made the remarks while presenting his herbal drug to the Coordinator, NAFDAC office, Kaduna, Dadi Nantim Mullah.


The researcher, who is also into complimentary Medicine challenged federal government to allow him into isolation centre unprotected to treat five patients already on ventilators and five other positive patients with his drug under beam of television cameras.

Prof. Adeleye said he was fully prepared to carry out the treatment on the ten patients free of charge in isolation centre without wearing any protective jackets, to prove the efficacy of his drug under the media coverage.


Prince Adeleye explained that his cure research on Covid-19 pandemic resulted in production of virus killer-herbal Medicine, which he submitted to NAFDAC to expedite action and to reach those affected as quickly as possible to stop the death rates and safe lives.

He explained, “The drug has been fully labelled and information on the awareness on Covid-19 and other virus research like Lassa, Ebola and Hiv viruses are also attached.”

Prof. Adeleye further explained that the drug is fast acting, requiring only one wine glass dosage, and a patient is healed and may test negative from the second day onward.

“The drug gives protection (immunity) from further infection. Uninfected patients will also enjoy the same immunity and protection after taking it,” he assured.


He assured that there was no side effects whatsoever from user of the drug, adding that it removed blockage of the lungs that allows patient to breath freely, with no ventilator required after one wine glass treatment.



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  1. Nigeria government will not let that herbal out because of what every they are benefiting from

  2. This is not a country were ordinary people can come and say day want to do something if the government don’t agree no way in

  3. They should allow him to give it a try, but they should also tell him that he’s going to be responsible if anything happens

  4. They should give him the chance to prove it. And if at all it turns out well, it’d cost us nothing to produce more and we’re going to make more money from it

  5. Nigeria government will not let that herbal out because of what every they are benefiting from