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Boy Who Raped Uwa UNIBEN Student Has Been Caught And Confessed Points Pastor (See Comments)

The DSS revealed that Uwa’s rapist has been apprehended after the examination of the fingerprint on the extinguisher.



The pastor offered the suspect 1.5m million to carry out this operation, the DSS suspects the pastor did this for fame, the pastor and his wife are currently on the run



As claimed by the official Abike Dabiri-Erewa on Instagram Police arrest suspects linked to murder of UNIBEN students


As stated by Abike Dabiri the police command of Edo state has arrested the suspect based on a fingerprint on the fire extinguisher she was attacked it.



As claimed by Peter Kalusky who commented he said the pastor paid him to do it in a bid to make his church more popular. The pastor set the young girl up.



As claimed by Peter Kalusky Mr Chibuzor said he was offered 1 million which was later increased. The pastor even offered to help with a visa.






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  1. Most for him to face the law by this useless Nigerian police the next thing I will here now is that the man was right

  2. What a shame, what we hear that, this so called “men of God” do in the church….what a shame.

  3. Pathetic… It so sad but we pray to Almighty God to safe us in this country

  4. this is pure wickedness, if u can’t wait for God to increase ur church y are u serving him then. Only God can increase a chu6

  5. Is the pastor really the person who sent the man or they are just trying to frame the pastor only God knows the truth