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Did Nigeria Ever Play Against India and Lost 99 -1? See What really happened.

This is one of the oldest lies (or should I say myth that I know of) and am sure almost every Nigerian born in the 1990s can relate to this.

Most, if not all of us have heard of the story that goes thus: During a particular world cup edition, the 1990 World Cup, as it is in some cases.


Nigeria was pitted against India and India was leading Nigeria by 99 goals.

Nigeria’s goal, the Indian players by use of some magic, (maybe black or white, I don’t know) always change the ball into some form of hideous creature which makes the Nigerian players run away from the ball.


This had apparently been going on throughout the game.

Five minutes to the end of the match, the Indian players sought to give Nigerian players respite and said if Nigeria could score a single goal, they would concede defeat and accept Nigerians as the winner of the game.

Well, the Nigerian players agreed to this and the match went on.

Samuel Okwaraji, being a very patriotic Nigerian player, got the ball from an Indian Player, managed to dribble his way to the Indian team’s 18 Box, and just when he was about to kick the ball, It turned into a very big stone which would weigh thousands of tonnes.


But Samuel Okwaraji kicked the ball with every ounce of energy he had in his body, despite knowing he could die but he sought to sacrifice his life so Nigeria can win the match.

The ball soared, or should I say rolled into the net, which was a goal and according to the agreement between Indian and Nigerian Players, Nigeria wins the match.


But Samuel Okwaraji was never to kick another football again because, well.

He died after he kicked the ball.

This led to the world governing body, FIFA banning India from active football for a hundred years.



If that isn’t the most absurdly, a bagful of lies, tall-tale story has ever heard.

The whole nine yards is false.


I don’t think Nigerian has ever been pitted against India in any soccer game, and even if they had, it’s not a game of magic vs soccer, I mean come on Nigerians, we also have our own magic, especially the dark one, at least that’s what Nollywood movies portrays most of the time.

Come to think of it, there is no way, all that stuff we were told about is going to be happening on a soccer pitch and thousands will be watching it, not to talk of the soccer officials.

So how did Samuel Okwaraji really Die?

Here it is: Samuel Okwaraji lost his life while playing against Angola in the 1990 World Cup Qualifier.

Ten minutes to the end of the game, Samuel Okwaraji fell down on the pitch and immediate first aid treatment could not revive him, so, he was rushed to the nearest hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Samuel Okwaraji died from and I quote “congestive heart failure.” he didn’t kick a ball which had turned into stone which would weigh thousands of tonnes and damn impossible to kick.

As to India, India is not banned in Active football, India hasn’t just qualified for the World Cup competition in a long time, well except since 1950, in which India was able to qualify for the world cup due to withdrawal of other teams but declined to attend, one rumor being that they declined because FIFA wouldn’t allow Indian Players to play barefoot, well that might be true but the truth behind the matter as an associate editor of the journal Soccer and Society of India, put it: “A careful study reveals that beneath the apparent financial difficulties given as the cause of withdrawal lay the A.I.F.F.’s unusual failure to appreciate the importance of participating in the Cup, despite assurances from the organizing committee to bear a major part of the tour expenses.”

To India’s A.I.F.F. in 1950, the Olympic mattered to them more than the World Cup which was not seriously taken into account.

India has a National Soccer Team, you can check it out on Wikipedia.

India may not be good at Soccer but they aren’t stupid when it comes to Cricket.

So as to India being banned from Football for a Hundred Years, that’s just another lie, and India using Black Magic against Nigeria in some Phantom Match which was never officially or unofficially played, that also is a lie.


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  1. Everybody knows Indian don’t like soccer that much, their favourite sport is cricket .

  2. Wow so i have been told lies all this years and i believe it and have been telling others too