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The death of George Floyd touched hearts of people as he was killed by those mandated to protect the citizen irrespective of race. His death also sparked a black Americans protests across America to protest against police brutality.



George Floyd’s memorial was held and it was a memorable event for those who attended. There where top Celebrities, Important personnels and more. George Floyd casket was made in gold which some says it was a symbolic meaning of a man whose death changed the tides of police brutality while some says it might be too much.



A particular twitter user has taken to his twitter page to openly call out people as he wasn’t satisfied with the way things went. He stated in his tweet that the man in the golden casket was a nobody before and why does he get a golden casket, he added it was too much.


The man whose name is Marcus Rodriguez wrote;



“He was a nobody before, why bury him in a golden casket? I say this is too much and you blacks can’t protest against it?what about Ahmaud ?what about the young teens and other blacks killed by the police ? Why didn’t they get a golden casket? Why didn’t they get a donation?”



The man seems to have a point, he asked why people didn’t donate to the other young people police brutality has ended their lives and why they didn’t get a golden casket?.


He also talked about Ahmaud Arbery’s death which was also caught on camera but no golden casket to remember him or notable donations.





However, after George Floyd’s death, people have donated over $12.5 million dollars to the family. That was the amount in the GoFundMe account this morning.


What do you think the man was trying to say? Did George Floyd worth all they did for him or not? Kindly drop your comments.


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  1. Burying in a golden casket is a waste of money and what will a ghost need a casket for to begin with

  2. No one is treuly a nobody. He also have family, so giving him a befitting burial is not much

  3. White people are just full of themselves,he is worth all those things for the pain they caused his family

  4. Such is life,so sad he got honoured and known after he died God never let our glory shine after we’re dead

  5. Why be angry over a dead man….. Go and die so that they will bury you in golden…

  6. May Almighty Allah help us all
    He might be nobody but he has family which he is supposed to be with

  7. Agreed..in life he was a nobody,but in death,he led a revolution that’s changed alot things