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Everyone wants to be  happy. But then, sometimes situations might just spring up casting aside that fantasy for a while.

So what do you do?

Will you curl yourself on the bed and cry or will you wipe your tears and ahow the wirld that you can do better and you refused to be cast down.


Here are few thibgs we can do to be happy always

1. Take good care of yourself. It’s important. Not just physically but otherwise. Eat good food, maintain regular personal hygiene, wear good clothes, hang out with people that makes you happy. There’s absolutely nothing to gain from being  with toxic people.


2.Help others: incase you have not noticed, doing good to others without expecting anything in return is kindness and it always has a way of making us happy too.  On the other hand, when you do something for someone and expects something in return, it becomes business not kindness.

3. Go places, do things that makes you happy. Remember you only live once.

4. Avoid depressing music: believe it or not,  some music can make one to commit suicide. Always listen to inspiring music that will lift the soul and inspire hope and confidence.

5. Avoid over thinking: No matter how you keep on thinking iy cant change anything but instead increase your worries. So, why not commit that situation into the hands of God. Pray to God and watch him take over.


You deserve to be happy. Your happiness doesnt depend on anyone.

So dont attach your happiness to a person cause we are all humans, those you trust and hope on will fail you at one point in life.


Be yourself. Don’t compare with anyone.

You are you and that’s what makes you more special.

Love yourself cause no one can be you no matter how they try to.

They will only end up being a cheap imitation of you.



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  1. Great
    Being happy has been the best thing that should happen to a person