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    • Earn ₦250 for each Person you refer to this site
    • Once you Register, you receive bonus of 500 Activity Points
    • Reading Current News earn you 10 Activity Points
    • Commenting on News 10 Activity Points
    • Sharing any news on the site, you earn 15 Activity Points
    • Daily Login bonus is 50 Activity Points
    • You Earn 50 Activity Points for Sharing our Daily sponsored post
    • You Earn 50 Activity Points for sharing our Daily Campaign Advert.

How To Get More Referrals 

Represent us well and you will get paid bountifully. This is the fastest way to earn on this site. See how people advertise on WhatsApp groups to get Referrals, you too can do the same

  1. Join lots of WhatsApp groups
  2. Advertise there and collect numbers
  3. Create a WhatsApp group, Add them to your WhatsApp group or Invite them to your group
  4. Add at least over 150 people to your WhatsApp group daily
  5. Tell them about Cashflows and how it works.
  6. You need to be doing it consistently, just know that there’s a beautiful day ahead..
  7. Register them through your referral link (, just add your username to the back of and start making cool cash daily. If you don’t put your username there, our system will not recognize that the person is coming from you. So make sure you copy your referral link well. If you are yet to open an account with us, do that here
  8. Once 4 people register through you, you can request for withdrawal of ₦1,000 to be paid to your Bank Account directly.
  9. We pay anytime every day. Start bringing them in.

How to Get More Activity Points

Another way to earn on Cashflows is through your various Activities on this site. Your Activities include Registration, Daily login to the website, Reading News, Comment on News, Sharing of News and Sponsored Posts.


Our Latest News can be found on our homepage:-


To protect the millions of users on this platform and ensure that we are here for many years to come, we have these 5 simple rules on Cashflows

  1. Do not spam daily news with comments in a bid to earn more Activity Points. You are only permitted to earn Activity Points based on the number of posts we publish each day. That is, you gain 10 Activity Points per comment over the number of posts we publish in a day. After that, you won’t be awarded any Activity Points for subsequent comments you make until the next day. Don’t waste your time commenting on old posts every day trying to gain more points because it won’t work.
  2. Do not read news arbitrarily, in other words, take your time to read a news before moving to the next. We only award 10 Activity Points for each Latest News. If you prefer to read your favorite old news, you will be given Activity Points for that but you won’t be given Points when the Latest News drop in.
  3. Do not abuse or insult any member of the platform when commenting. While we uphold freedom of speech on Cashflows, we also protect the vulnerable and weak in the society. We don’t encourage bullying. This is a safe and free platform for everyone. Name calling or ethnic or racial abuses will result into automatic expulsion of such accounts.
  4. Do not engage in fraud or try to exploit our system. Millions of users are benefiting from Cashflows and we want that to remain for many years to come. If you are flagged engaging in such, you will be banned from the website.
  5. Do not misrepresent this platform. As a registered affiliate, you are a Cashflow Ambassador and we want you to continue in that dignity while introducing us to your friends and Contacts.

These rules are in compliance with our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions.



You can request for withdrawal when you reached either:-

a). 5,000 Activity Points


2). ₦1,000 Referral Earnings

Whichever comes first at any point in time.


Please note that 5,000 Activity Points = ₦2,500

And 1 Referral = ₦250.

Please ensure you familiarize yourself with your Affiliate Page.


Q: I want to register. What do I need?


A: You need to fill in your details (i.e. name, email, etc) then purchase your Activation Code from any of our Vendors for ₦500 only, then continue with your registration.

Get your Activation Code (for ₦500 only) to complete your registration from any of our accredited vendors below:


Gold, 08150919336 (Click here to WhatsApp me)

Sunday, 08055292768 (Click here to WhatsApp me)

Esther, 09062292600 (Click here to WhatsApp me)

Folarin, 08060127619 (Click here to WhatsApp me)


Q. Do I need to refer people to earn on Cashflows?

A: It depends. You have the ability to earn based on your Referrals and your Activity on the website.


Q: How do I refer my contacts or how do I increase my referrals?

A: As an affiliate, you already have your Referral Link. Share your link to others and tell them how Cashflows work. When they register through your referral link, you automatically get credited on your Cashflows wallet which you can withdraw anytime it reaches ₦1,000. Your referral link should be like this:-


Q: How do I get paid on Cashflows?

A: Very simple. Whenever your Referral Earnings (Wallet) is up to ₦1000 or your Activity Points is 5000 or more, go ahead and request for withdrawal on your Affiliate Page and your request will be granted immediately and sent to your Bank Account.


Q: How do I manage and monitor my account?

A: We have made your account page very easy to monitor and manage for you. There, you will find every statistics and analytics that relates to you. You can monitor your workflow and also see how to improve on them. You can always login to know your Referrals, Earnings, Activity Points balance, etc. The menu items are also there to give a proper account of your Affiliate activities.


Q: How do I contact Support?

A: The easiest and fast way to get your issues solved is by sending a mail to us. Our official email address is

This is just for Informational Purposes. There is enough cash to go round. We hope you find Cashflows useful for you and your family. Thank you.


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