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Before now we always throw the mango seeds away after eating the fleshy parts of the fruit, but it may be so Interesting that this post will show us how to use the mango seeds to cure pimples or Acne.

This is always achieved by processing the mango seeds into mango seed powder.

Steps For Making The Mango Seed Powder

1. Get ripe mango fruits as many as possible, depending on the quantity of the powder you want to make.


2. Remove totally, all the fleshy parts of the fruits; leaving only the stonny part/drupes, which contains the seeds.

3. Scrub/clean the drupe very well, scraping as much of the fleshy fibres.


4. Dry the drupes very well by placing them in the sun for some days.

5. When the drupes are very dry, break them open to free the seeds that are inside.

6. Cut the seeds into small 1 cm pieces and dry very well in the sun again.

Dry until the colour of the seeds turn from white to earthly grey/brown colour and the pieces are very hard


7. When the seeds are very dry, use any means of grinding, to grind the seeds into very smooth powder.

Now that you have your mango seeds powder, you can then store in an airtight glass container in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight and sources of heat.


Using The Mango Seed Powder To Treat Pimples

👉Mix 1 teaspoonful of Mango seed powder with 1 teaspoonful of tomato pulp and use it as a gentle scrub on your face for at least, once in a day.

While applying, watch for a positive result within a week or more.

Possibly, your face is going to be smooth and spotless as possible after a couple of days.



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