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I Can’t See My Dad No More, George Floyd Daughter’s Cries At His Grave


George Floyd death has sparked a worldwide riot, His gruesome death has sent Celebrities talking out against racism and thousands of people trooping to the streets to ask for justice.


One thing Gorge Floyd was known for by his family members is that he was loved by everyone and he cherished his family so well, Floyd was a social media type of person so it was a little bit hard to fetch photos of his daughter but some apparently where online .



Reports said he had a loving wife


And a very beautiful daughter he left so soon




It’s very painful to known that this girl would grow up with the terrible memories of the video showing her her father was killed.



His death was caught on camera which was a major proof to send the culprit to life imprisonment but he has been charged with third degree murder (murder without the intention of hurting the victim) which could serve him 10 to 15 years as reported.


photo of his daughter





But people are not backing down as they continued to protest ,tagging his charges as a merciful one to a murder that was caught on camera .

This photo was leaked online ,his daughter stood by his grave as he was laid in and cried silently knowing she won’t see her dad anymore


If Floyd’s Killer gets 15 years imprisonment, what do you think might happen if he comes out? The daughter you see now would be over 20 years remember?


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