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People brag about a lot of things on social media; from their bad habits to their secret longings. A Nigerian man sparked outrage after he bragged about something much more sinister. He bragged about beating his wife to pulp leaving her bloodied.

The man identified as Afobaje Maiyegun, took to his Facebook account last Tuesday to brag with photos of his bloodied wife whom he had beat to pulp.

In the photos obtained by IGBERE TV, the woman whose name is yet to be ascertained is seen bleeding from her heavily swollen side eye.


Justifying his inhumane act, the man claimed he beat his wife up for getting angry because he talked to another woman.

Sharing the photos, Mayegun also said he is waiting for the police that will arrest him for beating his wife.


The man attitude has generated a lot of reactions with many describing his as an animal.

I beat my wife and am waiting for her police because I talk to a woman

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  1. I don’t know why some men behave like animals. They use their wives to learn boxing.

  2. This one is not worth to be called husband
    He needs to be punished for such action.

  3. All this starts from a young age, what was he exposed to?, How was the relationship between his father and mother, they’ve shaped up who he has become today, he should be dealt with

  4. this is inhumane and not right, the post ought to be shared to appropriate authorities to carry out the necessary actions against the man

  5. This is the height of stupidity and being heartless, gender asides,how would you beat someone this bad and feel good about it.Does he have any conscience at all.

  6. Moreover no matter anything the woman did. He should not av beating her up like this ,bit is not bibliography, lawful, infact he has abused her and tarnish her image

  7. Any man that rise up his hand to beat up his wife. Is no more a man again. He’s animal