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These women who marry politicians are often considered as either too good for the politicians or too young, with the added twist that most of the women are with the politicians for the power, fame and money bring position.

Here are the six most beautiful wives of politicians in Nigeria.

1. Precious Fani Kayode


She is blessed with skin tender and white as snow, Precious Fani Kayode is the most beautiful of them all. She is super brilliant and has an impressive resume to prove that a woman can indeed be blessed with beauty and brains. She is married to former aviation minister and witty politician, Femi Fani Kayode, 31 years old Precious is a mother of four and still looks like a slice of heaven.

2. Lara Fortes Oshiomole


Married to the former governor of Edo State and current APC chairman, Adams Oshiomole, Lara, has found herself a long way from home but has overcome with resilience, beauty and a strong personality. Lara has worked as a lawyer, an airline hostess and even modeled, all of which played a role in preparing her for first lady and the leader of women and girls.

3. Aisha Bello Matawalle

Aisha Bello Matawalle is the wife of Zamfara State governor and is an epitome of beauty. In what appears to have a stroke of luck, her husband was sworn in as the governor of the state and rather than seat back and relax, the gorgeous Aisha swung into action and started making a difference. With her effortlessly sweet face, she boasts of being a successful philanthropist and a humanitarian and her media presence shows that she is passionate about women and children.

4. Rashida Yahaya Bello


Having successfully givien part of herself to actively serving the people of Kogi State, our Union with the governor is one that has resulted in progress especially for women and young children. Her beauty, pose, elegance are all pointers to the kind of Queen that she is.



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