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Ebonyi Tv have obtain a video footage of a scary moment a Native Doctor of Arondizuogu, Imo state performed rituals against the Controversial Anambra prophet, Chukwuemeka Ohanemere popularly Known as Odumeje or Indaboski for speaking against their Deity and the Late Music Legend “Pericoma”.

In the video obtain by Ebonyi Tv, Villagers and elders can be seen sitting at the big shrine while the Native doctor performs Rituals against the Man of God using their native language.

The Native Doctor called on all their gods to come out and fight prophet Odumeje for condemning it.


He further accused prophet Odumeje of getting his Power from India, adding that he cannot get his power from a foreign land and test in their Own Land.

The Native doctor killed a Life Fowl which he said it represents Odumeje, while breaking the Fowls’s legs he cursed Prophet Odumeje and his Family.




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  1. Lol, you’re trying to kill the liquid metal himself, the indaboskiiii, goodluck with that

  2. they are playing with a man of war, a fight a indaboski bahose, the lion himself, the liquid metal… they dunno

  3. Wonderful, this is unbelievable, where did the native doctor get this top secret. Anyway, they are bird of the same feather