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Nigerians are calling for #JusticeForJennifer on social media. Jennifer was gang raped by 5 boys in Narayi, Kaduna. Two of the boys that raped her have been reportedly apprehended while 3 are still at large. There are reports that the rapists want to pay N30,000 for rape damages.

A Twitter user, Uncle Shemzz @shemang_david shared a video of traumatized 18-year-old Jennifer who hasn’t been the same after the gang rape due to the trauma, and other Nigerians have joined him in the call for Justice for Jennifer.

Sharing the video, Uncle Shemzz wrote:


This is the 18 year old girl that was gang raped weeks back in Narayi.


The rapists haven’t been charged to court and looks like her folks plan to accept payments. No amount can pay for this damage. It’s OUR duty to ensure there’s #JusticeForJennifer

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  1. #30000 for rape damages kwa…….

    There should be Justice for the Lady ooo, cos those guys will feel like Justice is something they can buy with just #30000

  2. True justice should be taking quickly.
    How can #30000 buy Nigeria justification..
    No No No

  3. We don’t have a working system, if these culprits are charged and punished, it will serve as a deterrent to others

  4. 30k, are they alright??. Why would anyone collect money from such human beings. Is her life and virtue equal to 30k??. God have mercy on us!!!

  5. We don’t have a working system, if these culprits are charged and punished, it will serve as a deterrent to others

  6. This is an abhorrent crime that is forbidden in all religions and in the minds of all wise people and those who are possessed of sound human nature. All earthly systems and laws regard this action as abhorrent and impose the strictest penalties on it, except a few states which waive the punishment if the rapist marries his victim! This is indicative of a distorted mind let alone a lack of religious commitment on the part of those making laws. We do not know of any love or compassion that could exist between the aggressor and his victim, especially since the pain of rape cannot be erased with the passage of time – as it is said. Hence many victims of rape have attempted to commit suicide and many of them have succeeded. The perpetrators should be severely punished and banished.

  7. The victim should not be left alone lest the thought of committing suicide comes to her mind