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Reactions as a beautiful Nigerian lady tempered with her NYSC certificate in recent photos

A pretty Nigerian lady was seen in a viral photo tempering with her NYSC certificate. The girl is believed to conclude her National Youth Service Corps, NYSC recently.



The pictures brings about different reactions from Nigerians on social media. Some assumed that she didn’t deserve the certificate while others thinks that what she did is just because of happines

Some of the major and most relevant responses from Nigerians;



Aliyu Haidar while reacting expressed that from all indications, this girl didn’t suffer before attaining this step.




Joseph Paul: we can see that you pay for the certificate because if you really acquired it with your sweat, you will not try this.




Idiat Zack: it could be because you are too happy, but that should make you do that.


Adam bala react while expressing that the lady must come from a rich background, he insisted that she must be sure that her parent will get a new one for her as soon as possible.





Ruth Toyin says that the girl isn’t that serious with the studies, may be she is forced to study from the grassroot.s.


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  1. To me it’s difficult to predict the reason for her action. It may be that she doesn’t value the certificate.

  2. It might be the case that she pay for the certificate because if she actually acquired it with her sweat, she will not try this.

  3. Maybe she is insane because if she knew the value of what she has, she wouldn’t have done that