cashflows referral bonus is ₦500


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Hurray!!! Everyone is happy!!!

We are happy to announce to you that Referral Bonus is now officially ₦500 per person.

That means that if you refer someone to this platform, you get a whooping sum of ₦500 per head. If you refer two people, you get ₦1,000. And if you refer 3 people, you get ₦1,500 and you can request for withdrawal straight to your Bank Account.


It is now easy to get paid for referring people people and reading News.

What else are you waiting for? Get your Referral Link and start Referring People to Register ( Registration is ₦1,000.


People are already cashing out this weekend. Stop waiting and Do Something Now

cashflows referral bonus is ₦500

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  1. Nice but it’ll be hard for people to register with 1000# so far its 500# all other sites are collecting for registration

  2. Nice improvement but It will add to get people to refer. I will advise the management to see to it

  3. Nice update ,but what about we that are having referral point that we haven’t cash out

  4. But don’t forget that we pay out fast for both referrals and non-referrals. ₦1,000 is too small compared to what you will obtain from us at Cashflows

  5. Ah 1000 that could be hard….. But the problem of activity points hasnt be resolved i submitted a news that was published yet i wasn’t given activity points i had to stop posting news again….sharing campaign posts and sponsored post without being given points has to be cleared plsss