cashflows stop wasting your data


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This night, we want you to do something if you haven’t done it

  1. We want you to Create a WhatsApp Group now and name it “Cashflows”.
  2. Add 200 – 250 of your contacts/friends to the newly created WhatsApp group.
  3. Use this Picture below as your DP and the Group Picture

cashflows stop wasting your data

4. Tell them about Cashflows, how much you have gained so far, how millions of people like you trust us already, how they can also benefit and register through you. Share your Referral Link (get it from your Affiliate Account Page) to them, so they can also register and you get ₦250 per person.


5. Tell them to contact any of our Activation Codes vendors to get their own for just ₦500. You can buy it in bulk for them and they get it directly from you. After they have the Activation Codes, tell them to use your link to register, so that you will not miss your own ₦250.

Gold, 08150919336 (Click here to WhatsApp me)


Sunday, 08055292768 (Click here to WhatsApp me)

Esther, 09062292600 (Click here to WhatsApp me)

Folarin, 08060127619 (Click here to WhatsApp me)

6. After you have done the steps above, come back and share this post to Facebook and  10 WhatsApp Groups including the newly created group (Cashflows money) you created. Don’t share yet if you haven’t created the group first.


7. That is all, you will be given your 50 Activity Points for doing step 1-6 above.




Please share to others-