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The world is full of many wonders too wonderful for the human eye. You think you have seen it all, today you will see incredible, and I mean incredible bridges in the world that will make you wonder, How did they do it?.

The tallest bridge that is taller than the Eiffel Tower


When I first read it, I didn’t quite assimilate and comprehend what I just read until a second reading, then I fully understood it. You know how tall Eiffel Tower in France is, that is one of the tallest structures in the world. Now imagine a bridge, taller than it, and also large to even carry heavy loads at that height. The Millau Viaduct located in France as well is the tallest bridge in the world with a height of 343m from the ground. It spans across the gorge valley of Tarn near Millau, Southern France. This bridge cost 335,487,450 million dollars. Opened in 2004, it has a design life span of 120 years, incredible. Another incredible fact about this bridge is that it is an elevated bridge.

Japan’s Terrifying bridge


Believe it or not, the picture you see above is an actual bridge located in Japan. The Eshima Ohashi bridge is one to give you a frieght even if you are the most bold and daring driver. Rising just 44m, Eshima Ohashi is largest ridged-frame bridge in Japan and the third largest Bridge in the world. The reason for the dreadful inclination is because the bridge was to allow ships from the Lake Nakaumi pass underneath it.

Imagine climbing up the bridge then from the very top, you take a moment’s look before descending the slope😱😱.

The longest bridge in the world


Danyang-Kushan Grand bridge, located in China is the world’s longest bridge with a length of 164,800 meters, beyond what your eyes can see. It took 4 years to build this bridge and the entire workforce made up of 10,000 people. The incredible thing is that the bridge is built to withstand even an 8 magnitude earthquake, typhoons and impacts from naval vessels. The bridge is built on top of 2000 pillars and made of 450,000 tons of steel.


Have you seen a glass bridge?

As incredible as it might sound, this bridge is not like any bridge you have seen or heard of before. The Zhangjiaijie Canyon Grand bridge of China is the longest and highest glass bridge in the world with a height of 984 meters, length of 1400 feet, 6 feet wide and can accommodate 800 visitors. It is incredible as it is beautiful, it is entirely made of glass. This is not like your steel or even wooden bridges, it completely glass. Located in the Hanan Mountainous province of Southern China, it is as terrifying as it looks attractive though it was built mainly for tourist attractions, not like other transport and day-to-day usage bridges

What about a wooden bridge


You may have seen some wooden bridges, but non as long as the one above. U Bein bridge is the longest and oldest wooden bridge in the world. It is so old that some of its 1000 pillars decayed and was replaced by steel ones. The bridge stretches 1200 meters across the Tuangthaman Lake, Armarapura, Myanmar.


This one reaches to the clouds

This is the highest bridge in the world. Now don’t get confused, highest here means that it is situated on top of something, probably mountains, up, up at a distance. The Beinpanjiang Bridge, China is the highest bridge in the world. The bridge, located in the Southwest China provinces of Guizhou and Yunnan made Guiness Book of Records as world’s highest bridge. Soaring 565.4 meters in height and 1,341 meters in length, Beinpanjiang Bridge was opened in December 2016. Standing on this bridge gives you an incredible feeling and can be a bit terrifying if you’re afraid of heights, as it is oftentimes covered with clouds. Spanning 720 meters, it is the second largest Bridge in the world, and as such, it is a 4-lane bridge, incredible right.

The Golden Bridge

This is one of the most beautiful, fascinating and incredible bridges ever made. The Golden Bridge, Vietnam is just a work of art. Sitting 1400 meters above sea level and spanning 150 meters, it is located on mountains of Bang, Vietnam. The 150 meter length has Lobella Chrysanthemum flowers lined along each of the eight spans of its length. This just adds to the colour and attraction. The incredible part is the most eye catching giant hands that look like they are lifting the bridge.

The bridge that is a street, a house, a marketplace and more.

The Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy is more than a bridge. Crossing the Arno River, it is an inhabited bridge which was home to the butchers and fish sellers of Florence, but now is occupied by gold shops. It also is a street, a marketplace and a public square. The Vecchio remains an iconic stone structure in Florence.

The bridge that tells time

Here we have the Sundial Bridge that is iconic for its time telling. The cantilever cable-stayed bridge that spans across the Sacramento River in Redding in California, USA actually has a sundial that is considered as the largest sundial in the world. Rising 700 feet in height and spanning 23 feet in width, it forms a 66m(217ft) mast that points due north at a cantilevered angle and thus serves as the gnomon of a sundial. The gnomon’s shadow is cast on a large dial north of the bridge. The time from the bridge is given as the Pacific Daylight Time. The shadow tip moves at an approximate one foot per minute.

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