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Throwback Pictures Of Hushpuppi When He Was Poor

Hushpuppi is known to be a wealthy, classy and extravagant person. However, he wasn’t always that way. As a matter of fact, he was born poor. He lived in the same streets with the poor people and wore the clothes ordinary people wear.



Fast-forward to less than a decade later, he is considered one of the richest young men in the country.




Meanwhile, his source of income has remained a subject of many speculations.


He claims to be a real estate developer. However, many people have always suspected he is into something shady.



In any case, we have managed to gather some throwback pictures of Hushpuppi that will leave you in shock. The changes from then to what he is now can not be overstated.



How Hushpuppi looked like a few years back

Below is a throwback photo he shared in 2018, bemoaning how people were asking too many questions about his source of income whereas they didn’t care back when he was poor.



“They don’t care what u do when you aren’t successful but want to know every bit of your business when you make it,” he wrote.



“If you didn’t care back then, don’t care now. Simple. And let this post inspire and motivate u to continue the hustle, nobody wey no fit make am o. Somebody give this beatmaker/producer a stage name.


Below is another picture that looked like it was taken during his NYSC days.



He may not have been living in penury; however, he was no where near the Gucci lifestyle has been showing off on Instagram.




Throw back with Olamide when the were not rich..


Above is Hushpuppi and a surprise inclusion, Olamide Bado, who is now also living a much better life. Back then, both of them looked more like hungry people with regular bend-down select clothes.


What Hushpuppi looked like recently

Hushpuppi transformed from a street hustler into a multimillionaire (in dollars) within just a few years.


Below are some pictures that show you how much luxurious life showcased on Instagram.



He now owns some of the most expensive cars in the world, which include a Mercedes Maybach s650, a Ferarri NovitecRosso 458 Italia, a Bentley Bentayga, 3 Rolls Royce, and a Mercedes G700.


Based on our research, his cars are worth nearly 1 Billion Naira.







Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that he was arrested by the FBI in connection to fraud.


Due to that, several Nigerians have been reacting, with some hitting out at him for showing off a lavish lifestyle despite having ‘his hands dirty’.


The truth is, whether or not he was arrested, he remains innocent until proven guilty in a court.


What do you think about his transformation and expensive lifestyle? Do you think he must have been involved in fraud like most people have been claiming?


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  1. We never can tell about his source of income
    But I guess we would be knowing very soon