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Here are interesting ways to start a good and lasting conversation without been ignored, instead of using Hey, Hi or How far.

A good conversation starter topic can make a normal conversation great and memorable. I have broken down this post into four different types of conversational situations you might find yourself in. These conversation starters can help lighten up an interesting and memorable conversation with anybody.

1. Start with something you and her have experienced before:


Like for example you guys went for a film show together and later in the evening you want to start a conversation with her online. If you start with Hwfa (How are u doing) or Hi, It will actually take her time to answer you or you will be ignored, OK imagine you started with “how was the film show” it will be difficult for her to snub you.

2. Start with questions:


When I mean questions I don’t mean questions like “How are you” or “What kicking” it so boring because it’s too common. And if you are trying to start a deep conversation, I bet you it won’t last long enough because you started with greetings, am not saying it bad but it is not a good way.

Instead start by asking about anything you want to know about her or her personality, for example “What actually made your day” or “Is there one thing or secret that would surprise me about you?”. Now can you see how big the difference is?

My point is when you want to start a conversation with questions make sure you hit the bull’s eye meaning “Hit the main point” it will go along way and may even lead to more interesting topics.

3. If She is a girl your crushing on here are good conversation starters you can use:


* What made you atually laugh stupidly earlier today?

* What do you find attractive in a guy?


* Is there one thing or secret that would surprise me about you? e.t.c

4. Start with a funny conversation:

If you are good at saying or telling people about your funny self or a story that makes them burst into laughter then you can apply the same technique when your chatting. For example “There are funny things you don’t know about yourself I really need to tell you”

• If you have any additional Starters, Questions or Suggestions do well to drop it in the comment box.



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